Vision and mission

Currently, YLG Bullion and Futures Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of THB 120 million. It was established as a broker for gold futures in TFEX as an opportunity to expand YLG Group’s goldrelated business and provide comprehensive gold investment and trading services for its customers and local investors. The company also supports investment of large-sized customers and retail gold shops to manage risks that may arise from fluctuation in gold prices in the global market, and offers a new alternative for retail investors to invest in gold futures at a relatively moderate investment size compared with directly investing in gold bars.

The company is prepared in every aspect to serve its customers with a team of investment experts who can provide you advice on investments and market trends, up-to-date investment news and information, modern online systems, and transparent business practices. We believe that our many years of trading experience and the readiness of our management systems and service teams, as well as our determination in becoming a one-stop solution for gold trading and investment, will make our company a trusted alternative for investors and gold traders.


Asia’s gold bar business leader


  • Provide excellent service and maximize customer satisfaction
  • Maintain financial stability and transparency

Shared values

  • Teamwork
  • Honesty and humbleness
  • Duty of loyalty and integrity
  • Eagerness to learn and good communication skills