The futures contract that gives the buyer the right to “buy” or “sell” SET50 Index

Highlight specifications of SET50 INDEX OPTIONS

SET50 Index Options means the buyer has the right to “buy” or “sell” SET50 Index from the seller under the conditions and price agreed in the options contract or the exercise price. The advantage of SET50 Index Options is that it helps investors to develop profit-making strategies in all market conditions and it can be combined with futures or stocks to design investment strategies, suitable for all market conditions: the market goes up, goes down or even sideways. SET50 INDEX OPTIONS was launched in TFEX on 29 October 2007.


Underlying asset SET50 Index computed and disseminated by the Stock Exchange of Thailand
Ticker symbol S50C: Call Options
S50P: Put Options
Contract multiplier THB 200
per index point
Contract months 3 nearest consecutive months plus 1 quarterly month
Minimum price fluctuations 0.10 index point
(THB 20 per contract)
Exchange fee THB 5
per contract per contract side

Other information

Price limit

+30% of the previous day's SET50 Index

Exercise style


Strike Price Interval

  • 25 points interval
  • In the beginning of a business day, the options series are specified as follows:
    • at-the-money strike : 1 series
    • in-the-money and out-of-the-money : at least 2 series

Trading hours

Pre-open: 09:15 – 09:45 hrs.
Morning session: 09:45 – 12:30 hrs.
Pre-open: 13:45 – 14:15 hrs.
Afternoon session: 14:15 – 16:55 hrs.

Speculative Position Limit

Net 100,000 delta equivalent SET50 Index Futures contracts on one side of the market in any contract months of SET50 Index Futures and SET50 Index Options combined.

Settlement method

Cash settlement

Brokerage commission

Freely negotiable

Final settlement price

The volume weighted average value of the underlying share trading transaction during last 15 minutes and at the closing on the last trading day, rounded to the nearest two decimal points.

Last trading day

The business day immediately preceding the last business day of the contract month. The trading of expiring contracts will cease at 16.30 hrs.


SET INDEX, SET50, SET50 INDEX, SET100 INDEX and other indices calculated by the Stock Exchange of Thailand ( together as “SEC securities indices” are trademarks/ registered service marks solely owned by SEC. Using SEC securities indices without permission from SEC is considered a violation. However, presentation of SEC securities indices information on this website is for information purposes only. It cannot support any other specific purpose or guarantee the quality of the information. SEC will make good effort to present accurate information. Nevertheless, SEC will not be responsible for any liabilities for any errors, omissions, or damages that may arise from using the information presented here.


The abovementioned contract specifications have been revised to make them easier to understand. Those who are interested may request to view the form of the mentioned futures contracts according to the regulations of futures trading. *On 27 September 2012 which was the last trading day of September 2012 options contracts (U12), TFEX did not increase September 2013 contracts (U13) in order to use the new specifications. The June 2012 contracts (M12) that were being traded could still be traded until the end of the contracts. ** From 29 October 2012 onwards, series that increased when SET50 Index changed had strike price interval of 25 points, increasing from current series. In addition, other series that had been developed and traded were still tradable until the end of the contracts.

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