The new process of gold buying does not need to save a large sum of money to buy gold. It is a gradual accumulation of money to buy gold by saving gold. At YLG, we have two types of gold saving services: 1.’daily gold savings’ Starting at only 100 baht per day 2.saving by monthly direct debit. When saving 1 gram of gold, customer can receive it as real gold and can sell gold back to receive cash into the port.

Daily Gold Saving
Start saving at 100 baht
There’s no need to save everyday
Unlimited times to saving
Save per month
1,000 Bath
Next 2 months you will get gold

Why choose YLG gold saving?

Open 24 hours
real-time prices
1 gram saving
turn to real gold
Go easy with monthly saving system
automatically direct debit
Open online account
ready to save gold instantly

Fast online register

ID Card
Book bank
Take a photo with your ID card
Daily saving start at 100 Bath

24 hours saving! Anywhere, anytime

Monthly saving start at 1,000 Bath

Monthly direct debit