• Be the leader of gold trading providers in global standard by developing service and technology which meet customer’s needs and grow sustainably in future.
  • YLG group desires to be a gold trading provider who adapts technology and innovation.
  • To respond to customer’s needs and deliver service which has global standards, reliability, and trust under sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
  • To have stable financial status and transparency that can be investigated under corporate governance principles.
Common Values
    • Team work
    • Integrity and humility.
    • Responsible for duties and conform to virtue.
    • Enthusiastic learning and communication skills.
    • Customer centric.
    • Create innovation and technology.
    • Sustainable growth.
With the vision of the management that sees the demand for gold bars in the country, not only the production of gems and jewelry, but also the needs As for gold investment, there is still a trend of Greatly expanded in the future. Therefore, in 2003, YLG Bullion International Company Limited was established to import And trading 99.99% pure gold bullion, the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) standard, which is a standard Accepted in the world market (Good Delivery), where the company imports gold The leading brands such as

Perth Mint from Australia, Johnson Matthey from Hong Kong, Argor-Heraeus, Valcambi from Switzerland, and Mitsubishi from Japan. Have a team of marketing professionals ready to give advice on both trading And investment, as well as analyze trends The market, both in terms of prices and various factors Related In addition, we also provide services through modern online computer systems (Online Trading) and with a commitment to transparent and fair business operation, the company has become the largest gold bullion trading company in Thailand.