The YLG Group has its roots in Yulim Gold Company

a gem and jewelry manufacturer and exporter with over 30 years of experience in the export business around the world.

Yoo Lim Gold Factory Company Limited
A manufacturer and exporter of authentic gold, jewelry and gems operates the businesses with over 20 years of experience in the export business. The Company is well-known and recognized internationally all over the world. Presently, the Company is operating its business under the name of YLG Precious Co., Ltd.
YLG Bullion International Co., Ltd.
A bullion trading Company operates with registered capitals worth 100 million Baht in precious metals import and export that offers bullion trading services to domestic and international markets. The Company provides a seamless and secure online trading platform available via mobile phone or internet system for both buyers and sellers to come together for buying and selling of 96.5% gold bullion and 99.99% LBMA gold bars. In addition, the Company further complements its service by offering 24 hours gold delivery service to its customers.
Started gold bar import-export business and has become Thailand’s number 1 leader
YLG Bullion and Futures Company Limited
Limited The Company was regulated under the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC) providing gold futures brokerage services for the Thailand Futures Exchange Market (TFEX). Legal entities and individual investors are able to gain potential profits from forecasting the direction of gold prices.
The Company was established with registered capitals of more than 140 million Baht, and presently offers a wide range of products such as Gold Futures, Gold Online Futures, Gold D, SET 50 Index Futures, Currency Futures and Single Stock Futures. In 2019, the Company expanded its business providing derivative products such as Metal Futures, Index Futures, Currency Futures and Energy Futures in COMEX and ICE markets.
YLG Bullion Singapore Pte., Ltd.
Following the invitation from the Singapore government agency, International Enterprise, YLG Bullion Singapore was setup as the first overseas office in Singapore. YLG Bullion Singapore was registered by the Ministry of Law of Singapore and the Company is a subsidiary Company of YLG Group, it op - erates as a broker dealer of 99.99% gold bullion and physical silver in Asia. To capitalize the opportunities and the vibrancy of Southeast Asia in precious metal activities, YLG Bullion Singapore has become a well-known interna - tional bullion trading Company in Asia. The Company is also the executive committee member of the Singapore Bullion Market Association (SBMA) and a member of The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), based in China.
In 2013, we celebrated our 10th anniversary and it became a double celebration with YLG becoming the NO. 1 BIGGEST GOLD BULLION THAILAND TRADER WITH 800 BILLION THB IN 2012. We have been developing a one-stop solution for gold trading and investment for both physical gold and gold spot trading , offered 24 hours a day
YLG Precious Company Limited
The Company operates as a subsidiary under its new brand called 'YLG PRECIOUS' with the intention to reach out for more retail customers. It is fea - tured as a trading center of 99.99%, 96.5% gold bullion and gold ornaments. Presently, YLG PRECIOUS provides customers with more convenient channels.