Japanese Rubber Futures


Heading Contract Specifications
Underlying Asset Japanese Natural Ribbed Smoke Sheet No. 3
Ticker Symbol JRF
Contract Size 1 contract = 300 multiplier of the reference price
Contract Months 6 nearest consecutive months
Price Quotation JPY per kilogram
Minimum Price Fluctuations JPY 0.10 per contract unit
Price Limit Initial price limit is + 10% from the latest settlement price. Should traded price reach the limit, trading will be halted for a certain period announced by TFEX. After trading resumes, the price limit will be expanded to + 20% of the latest settlement price.
Trading Hours
Pre-open: 09:15 - 09:45 hrs.
Open session: 09:45 - 16:55 hrs.
Position Limit Exchange may announce the position limit as it deems appropriate.
Last Trading Day The fourth (4) business day preceding the last business day of the contract month. Time at which trading ceases on Last Trading Day is 13:15 p.m.. In case the last trading day falls on a OSE's holiday, TFEX will annouce the new last trading day accordingly
Settlement Type Cash Settlement in THB
Final Settlement Price Settlement Price of RSS3 Rubber Futures as announced by Osaka Exchange on the last trading day. There will be no foreign exchange rate adjustment.